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Generation APPS

2013 Gegenklänge


when sound interferes with the visual
Im Rahmen abstrakter Bilder der deutschen Nachkriegszeit

2012 !Perla_Miseria!


2011 liberalis

liberalis ·

die Freiheit betreffend · Tanz des Verstehens
pursuit of liberty·
persuit of happiness

2010 the hybrid fuels ...

the hybrid fuels ...

suddenly this inside
  plötzlich diese Einsicht

2009 no fixed points

20 Jahre / years KUNST+PROJEKTE
... keine Fixpunkte im Raum
... no fixed points in space

... on peas ...

… auf der Erbse …  on peas
– strange connections –
kunst und moden
 art and fashion


Ivo Wessel
Kunst und Literatur,
und Deklinationen

2004-6 Fama Fluxus Mythos Beuys - Projekt 2004-6


Yellow PERIL,!
c'est moi.
N. J. Paik

Legende Paik



1 site - 2 places1site2places

Plural Skulpture
Jochen Gerz 1997

App: 25 years KUNST+PROJEKTE Sindelfingen e.V.

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Ruwen Wiegert:
Zeitkapsel - project
Zeitkapsel - press
Zeitkapsel - BOOK


Art Festival

750 pictures for Sindelfingen using
Camera Obscura

Andreas Hauser: camera obscura
Andreas Hauser, Goldsmith


we don't have a problem







1989-2015 →  Communikation/Artwork

Kirchturm Martinskirche SindelfingenPlanned as a TIME CAPSULE, just like the Martinskirche in Sindelfingen preserves its important documents in a time capsule – in the golden sphere on the tower, which is visible from afar – and carries them into the future. Our TIME CAPSULEpool of ideas and bearer of mythical and subconscious trends shall be opened by professors/artists from previous projects and their students/artists, and activated long-term with regard to intercultural questions (Sindelfingen: 48 % with a migrant background – two-thirds under the age of six – in addition, many expats from industry).





Das Kompendium ist narrativ, verläuft nicht linear werkdokumentarisch, sondern wendet sich den vielen Besonderheiten, Erinnerungen, Notizen und Ringen der KünstlerInnen während ihres Arbeitens an K+PSi- Projekten zu. Nicht Katalog (s. gesonderte Publikationen), sondern Funde zu oft gestellten Fragen: Was habt ihr und die KünstlerInnen während des Langzeitprojekts erlebt? Eine BUCHCOLLAGE mit vielen frei eingelegten Blättern, Skizzen, Randbemerkungen, Montagen. Eben Unvergessliches! Ein haptischer Genuss.


September 8 - 16, 2016
Set up on site - City and Gallery of the City of Sindelfingen
(public by appointment)

September 17, 2016
3 pm, Lecture / Workshop with Dr. Mario Kramer,
Senior Curator, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt
8 pm, Opening of the Exhibition/Events
8:30 pm, Byung Chul Kim: Humor-Restaurant

24. September 2016, 18 Uhr
Performance: Gabriel Hensche & Julia Wirsching and the
Performance: Alicia Hernández Westpfahl, How to produce new ideas, 2016

A project by artists/students:

Prof. Hannes Brunner and Students, weißensee kunsthochschule berlin
Ben Dabush & Maria Jacquin, Yawen Huang, Maria Jacquin, Mio Okido, Shona Stark, Mirce Velarde-Liljehult

Prof. Gianni Caravaggio and Students, Accademia di Belle Arti Brera, Milano
Conditions of a humane and democratic public (Hannah Arendt)
Federico Cantale, Alessandro Facchini, Anna Mangone

Prof. Alba D’Urbano, Angelika Waniek and Students,
Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig
„remembrance“ Choreography
Justine Bauer, Michael Hahn, Varinka Schreurs

Prof. Christian Jankowski and Students,
Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart
„We don`t have a problem with Sindelfingen because we are invited”
Anette C. Halm, Gabriel Hensche & Julia Wirsching, Sören Hiob, Bangjoo Kim, Jan­Hendrik Pelz, SD Drua, Dirk Reimes, Theo D, Alicia Hernández Westpfahl

Prof. Gabi Schillig,
Hochschule Düsseldorf, Peter Behrens School of Arts
Time Capsule – Spaces of Communication
Ruven Wiegert

Demian Bern
, Author, Design, EXP.edition, Stuttgart

Accompanying projects:
Colin Siyuan Chinnery, Beijing
Warmth, 2016; HD film; 6`, loop

Scientific accompanying:
Dr. Mario Kramer, Senior Curator, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt
Topics: Time Capsule, the imaginary museum

Ruven Wiegert, FH Düsseldorf, Design invitation card, poster, banner
Headline fonts: „agil“ Charlotte Lengersdorf
Dirk Dassow, Berlin, Design Archive

Curator: Ingrid Burgbacher-Krupka

Generously supported by:

Inovationsfonds-BW Kreisparkasse Böblingen

Erasmus+ Vereinigte Volksbank

Project support Stadt Sindelfingen      Project support Landratsamt Böblingen

Gallery_we don't have a problem


Also possible:

Chinesisches LastenradA Chinese delivery tricycle with a large moving crate rattling through the streets of Sindelfingen’s old town. Sindelfingen, today the city where Mercedes Benz designs luxury cars. The crate once held the belongings of poor emigrants to America or the Far East. Similar in idea to the original function as a locksmith service, today the tricycle carries the burdens and pleasures of the twenty-five-year exhibition activities of KUNST+PROJEKTE Sindelfingen e.V. (K+PSi).

The basis for the planned TIME CAPSULE→ is material spanning various media from twenty-five years of project work by K+PSi. The TIME CAPSULE→ is examined and developed further in international encounters at various art academies with two dozen art students and their professors during the summer semester based on exploration of the location / workshops. In performances and a concluding exhibition, the result will be presented in the form of concepts/designs/intermedially in the gallery and the public spaces of Sindelfingen – supplemented by accompanying documentation and scholarly presentations tracing the idea of ‘time capsules‘ and an ‘imaginary museum’. It is quite astonishing how many students from abroad (55 %) registered for the project.

Exhibition Concept – Interculturality

Lawrence Weiner, myhouse, 2015< Lawrence Weiner
For Sindelfingen, 2014

With the large migratory waves of guest workers/migrants and scientist expats, art as an element of intercultural movement became a ‘must’ in Sindelfingen in connection with the social development of a country town suddenly shaped by single industries. After the Second World War, the town developed into a conglomerate of solitaires (Daimler, IBM, HP, etc.), docked onto a long-established, small town of crop farmers, a development that made the community quite wealthy at times and created many new workplaces, until the huge slump came in the 1980s (the DaimlerChrysler marriage in heaven). Altogether, a constellation that has challenged the culture of the traditional location beyond measure. Production in excess, as the young artist Tino Sehgal, who grew up in Sindelfingen as the son of an expat, experienced and today confronts with de-production in performative art situations around the world.

Klasse Alba D'Urbano, Leipzig< class Alba D’Urbano,
Hochschule für Buchdruck, Leipzig

Professors/Artists at five renowned art academies that have been involved in previous K+PSi projects have inspired their students to become active activate in Sindelfingen, to explore the townscape, and to the TIME CAPSULE→ long-term.

Klasse Christian Jankowski, Stuttgart
In Sindelfingen, class Christian Jankowski, Akademie Stuttgart >

Interculturality is a social force over the course of time and requires stamina. The establishment of a forum for contemporary art (K+PSi) took place against the headwind of a long-established municipal administration, and then slowly opened up in intensive collaboration with the Gallery of the City of Sindelfingen. Internationally renowned artists have worked on eye level with the innovative capability of the industry located in the Böblingen/Sindelfingen district (ranked third in the field of competition and innovation in Germany – Prognos Zukunftsatlas 2016). K+Psi’s most important concern was creating a cultural climate that brings people – from globally active industry to immigrants and long-established local residents – closer to one another. A prerequisite for the young art students today to proceed with their own strategies, faced with new integrative challenges.

The high demands immanently made on society in direct discourse with contemporary art, the political and economic contexts and the urban field of culture, have had difficulties in a town that developed provincially. But it is specifically on this that K+PSi focuses and sets exemplary standards for establishing a critical dialogue with and about art between diverse fields. K+PSi is interested in availability and visibility, in the ‘memory’ of art as an impulse for intercultural exchange today.

In recent years, our projects have made an emphatic turn to the performative. A change from art object to process that is expressed in performative situations, site-specific installations, and time-based actions. This development is also taken up in the new project with the continued work on the Sindelfingen TIME CAPSULE→.